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Our Mission

User-centered solutions for the blockchain community

We expect many aspects of society to be soon upgraded: governance systems, financial, educational and economical powers. Monopolies in place, processes and norms are quickly becoming obsolete, since the global crisis of confidence and financial turmoil of 2008. Only a tiny fraction of the many benefits of such a paradigm shift can already be imagined...

We believe that blockchain provides a solid foundation for deeper trust, transparency, collaboration and allows a fairer distribution of values, among individuals, organisations and worldwide societies.

But blockchains are still technically complex ecosystems at the dawn of their development.

Everything has to be done. Frustrated by the needless complexity of current ways of doing the simplest transactions, we are committed to co-create better solutions.

Space Elephant designs and develops radically secure, inclusive, simple and powerful solutions to serve the evolution of blockchain economy and the general public.

Our Goals

You are guaranteed systems with remarkable properties.

For Everyone

We make blockchain services available and easily accessible to everyone in the world.

Great UX

We emphasize the gifts and virtues of technologies, rather than technologies themselves.


We give security the utmost importance, both from a technical and a functional standpoint.

The Founders

We are proud to contribute to the generous, disruptive, universal impact of blockchain-based services.

We support decentralizing everything and yet we still use GAFAM services. We are neither perfect nor cynics...

Team member image - Laurent Lourenço

Laurent Lourenço


Exploring bitcoin in 2012 has convinced Laurent that blockchain technology is going to impact Society significantly. On his spare time, Laurent loves sharing barbecues with friends.

Team member image - Damien Lecan

Damien Lecan

CTO & Blockchain Architect

Damien fell in love with the DLT technology in 2015, then led the charge to develop blockchain-based solutions. A desire to do more has made him become an entrepreneur. Damien is decentralized by design.

Team member image - Fabien Tréguer

Fabien Tréguer

Full-Stack dev

Apart from having a deep interest in the technology and its applications, Fabien spent a considerable amount of time collecting data about Blockchain projects, real-world use-cases, and inter-wallet transactions.

Team member image - Guillaume Nicolas

Guillaume Nicolas

Blockchain Expert

Guillaume fell in love with the dynamic and caring Blockchain community, and he decided to make open-source project vision his. Guillaume is developing Blockchain solutions democratizing the use of crypto-currencies.

Join Us

We are looking for you

Email us a quick link to your resume and/or your LinkedIn, Github ... profiles with a few words on why you think you are a good fit highlighting any of the above items to:
  • Fullstack developer
  • Blockchain developer: Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ark, EOS, Multichain...
  • DevOps
  • Security & audit
  • Product Owner
  • DLT Expert
  • Senior Project Manager
  • or any awesome talents ;-)

Our Partners

They support us

Digital School YNOV Campus

Training of computer engineers. 6 campuses in France. We provide the blockchain training program. We source our futur talents. The campus of Nantes hosts our start-up.


ARK.IO Major Blockchain Actor

DPOS Blockchain type framework, one of the most powerful on the market. The blockchain architecture of UNS relies on this technology.


CYLLENE French Datacenter

Cloud, hybrid, Expert in infrastructure and in cyber security. Provider of ressources and expertise for our team.


BIGBLOCK Datacenter

Blockchain calculations and mining, transaction validation.



French crypto-influencer.



Blockchain as a service provider, giving access to multi-blockchains infrastructure, APIs and analytics.